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  • About The Hendershot Law Firm
  1. The Hendershot Law Firm

    The Hendershot Law Firm focuses on Estate Planning and Family Law. We strive to provide excellent knowledge, care, and understanding with regards to our clients needs and goals. If you need guidance and information about crafting an Estate Plan and preparing for the future, or if you are struggling with the emotional strains of a Divorce, please call us at 352-432-8150 to make an appointment for a confidential consultation today. We can help.

    What Our Firm Focuses on Everyday:

    1. Understanding and Accomplishing our clients' Goals.

    2. Empowering our clients to make informed decisions.

    3. Making sure our clients are legally prepared for both the best and the worst times.

    4. Ensuring our clients leave a protected legacy.

    5. Fighting for our clients' rights.

    To set up a confidential consultation, please contact us.

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